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hey pals,

here some nerdy information for a better understanding of not even subtle differences which even native speakers hardly know:

"Warum", "weshalb", "wofür", "weswegen", "wieso" and "wozu" are NOT synonymes. Beeing aware of that allows an accurate usage of language in order to get exactly the information  you asked for. I will show with an simple example:

Lets say a friend bought a new car.
Germans could now ask those 6 little words. The answer depends much on what u ask...

"Warum" did you buy a car?
-> Because my old one got wrecked. ("Warum" asks for the causation of the action laying in the past.)

"Wofür" did you buy a car?
-> Just to show it to my guests. (Asks for the DIRECT purpuse of the action)

"Wozu" did you buy a car?
-> I need one for my car exhibition for making a living. ("Wozu" asks for the INDIRECT purpose of the action.)

"wieso" did you buy a car?
-> I can afford it and I know a good salesman. And it matches my collection. ("Wieso asks for the circumstances of the action)

"weswegen" did you buy a car?
-> Because my wife gets sad when we dont have enough money so I needed the car to earn more. ("Weswegen" asks deeper. There are reasons behind the reasons and "Weswegen" asks for them.)

"Weshalb" did you buy a car?
-> I Needed one, but... Nah... you are right. I should have waited till next month. ("Weshalb" is simply "Why", but is often used in an accusing way. Using "weshalb" I show you my disagreement with your decision. Like "why for fucks sake did you...?")

You see, those words have their exclusive and  definitive usage.
So the proper translations are:

warum? -> in consequence of which event?
wofür? -> for what purpose?
wozu? -> for what goal?
wieso? -> under which circumstances?
weswegen? -> with which deeper motives?
weshalb? -> with which justification?

Just to be aware of lingual subtilities. Most Germans dont know the difference and use tose words (mostly "warum") for all those purposes, exactly the way English speakers use "why".

So "weshalb" in gods sake do I write this all.


may the force be with you.
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